Wrongful Death

A wrongful death suit is a suit that comes about when a person dies as a result of the reckless or negligent conduct of another. In a wrongful death suit, the victim does not bring the suit, it is the family members or the victim’s estate. A wrongful death claim is brought to recover damages for the injuries that the surviving family has suffered due to the death of the victim. A wrongful death suit is to provide relief to family members who have been injured emotionally and financially as a result of the family member's death. The plaintiff in a wrongful death action is the personal representative of the victim.
In Florida wrongful death cases, the statute of limitations is generally two years from the time of the victim’s death to file a law suit, unless the wrongful death action is based on medical malpractice where the statute of limitations is governed by the medical malpractice statute which may extend your right to sue to four years.